Antweem Kumase

CKEF understands the saying that “Rome was not built in a day”.  We are advocates of the long game and in laying the right foundation for tomorrow’s success.   Our new project for 2017 is at Antweem Kumase.   This is again a community with great potential but struggling and performing very badly at the BECE and reading abilities as low as 16%.  CKEF in collaboration with the Circuit Supervisors and Municipal Education Directorate are laying key foundations to improve education standards in terms of teaching techniques, motivation of pupils and importantly aligning with parents on the urgency of building capacity and parent participation in education.   The sustainability of all our activities relies on close collaboration with key stakeholders.  On 6 February 2017 teachers are going through a one-week training in key subject areas, right from nursery to JHS. Our vision is to build momentum across the various stakeholder groups and to nurture goodwill.  The key objective is to improve exams result and give children in rural communities the opportunity to move into great SHS/apprenticeships; a spring board to a more prosperous future outside of their community.


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