St Peter’s Methodist Nursery School, Besease

CKEF has been working with St Peter’s Methodist Nursery for the past 4 years.  It is a wonderful community initiative started by Rev Eric Essel-Lartey and Besease Methodist Church to provide nursery facilities for children in the community, whilst their parents are out farming.   It is a “secure sanctuary” more importantly provides the key early education developmental skills, reading and writing.  However, whilst a wonderful concept, the project struggled to meet the basic infrastructure and the safety and health of pupils were seriously at risk. The school was initially held in poor dilapidated make-shift structures with no classrooms desks and pupils were using the bush as toilet facility.  The risk of snake bites and lack of general hygiene was a major concern for all.  


Systematically through tireless effort and perseverance CKEF has changed the outlook of this great initiative with both local and foreign support.  We collaborated with both local and foreign sponsors to construct a toilet block.  In October 2015, with more determination and hard work CKEF successfully constructed and commissioned a four-classroom block.  Again the work at St. Peter’s has demonstrated that the CKEF change management model works; to gradually improve infrastructure and resources whilst at the same time supporting and energizing teachers, students and the community “network” around the school.  


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