Besease M/A Basic School

CKEF has been working with Kissi Besease since 2012 under the leadership of Mr. Michael Mensah.  We have systematically improved the entire outlook on education, through close collaboration with community elders, SMC, teachers and importantly students.  Infrastructure is core to development and in 2012 CKEF transformed an uncompleted structure into a modern library and ICT center.  This could not have been achieved without the support of both local and foreign partners; a key developmental foundation and rock on which faith and hope was built.  

Since 2012 CKEF has been working with Besease M/A Basic to improve exams results at the BECE Exams, which at that time were at an average aggregate 22.  CKEF’s objective was to significantly reduce this average.  Thank God!!   As a result of hard work by CKEF, teachers and students Besease M/A Basic was THE BEST PERFORMING SCHOOL AT 2014/15 BECE  IN TERMS OF ALL GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS IN KEEA MUNICIPALITY and 2ND BEST INCLUDING PRIVATE SCHOOLS IN THE MUNICIPALITY. Three (3) high-flying pupils received scholarships to GSTS, Edinama SHS and Efutu SHS.  From Besease M/A Basic to GSTS is a wonderful turn round.  This remarkable transformation in results was repeated in 2015/16 academic year and we expect even better 2016/17.   


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