If you would like to spend a rewarding gap year assisting the children at these schools, please contact us.

Unfortunately we have realized it is quite costly to fund volunteers to come and assist us so our volunteers would need to be self-financing.  Possible costs will include flights/medical insurance/rent/food and transport.  We can assist you by providing more details of what the local costs are likely to be.

In return you will live closely with the local community and provide valuable assistance in the formative years of the pupils at the 3 schools.

Although a very rewarding place to visit, Ghana can be quite a challenging place to live and is not for the faint hearted.  It is hot, humid, busy and noisy but fun friendly and an unforgettable experience.  Limited to internet.  Currently your time will be split between Anum, in the hills of the Eastern Region and the coastal village of Kissi Besease 


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  • Phone: 03028199381
  • Email Address: info@connectingkidsgh.org