Why has CKEF been successful?

CKEF’s development model is based on targeting individual schools with potential and working closely with all the stakeholders in the surrounding community to support and supplement educational development, through collaborating, sustainability and community participation. CKEF key attribute is capacity building, mobilizing and harnessing the goodwill.  Our work is based on helping to facilitate workshops, town hall meetings and parent engagement and by partnering with SMC and District and Municipal Education directories.   A recent workshop on English literature was organized for all English teachers in Asuogyaman District, led by the District Education Director.   A similar event was organized at Kissi Besease Circuit on phonics to teach English led by then Municipal Director of Education Mr Gademo Kwabla and the Circuit Supervisor.  CKEF is unashamedly tenacious and excels in changing perceptions and attitudes towards education.  We believe in Ghana’s potential and focusing on the welfare of children from rural substance farming communities.  CKEF is a firm believer that “OPPORTUNITY FOR GROWTH MUST NOT BE LOST”


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  • Email Address: info@connectingkidsgh.org