CKEF builds classrooms for nursery at Kissi

Connecting Kids Edu Foundation (CKEF) has supported the St Peter's Nursery School at Kissi Besease, a farming community near Komenda Junction in the Central Region, to put up a four-classroom block.

With the help of sponsors, the CKEF provided funds for the construction of the block and also provided furniture, with the community providing communal labour.

The school, established by the Methodist Church at Kissi Besease, was initially operated in the church building, but with the increasing number of pupils, it was moved into a make-shift structure.

Speaking on behalf of the CKEF President, Mrs Ellen Blamires, during the inauguration of the project, an advisor to the foundation, Mr Reynolds Obeng-Antwi, said the condition of the structure was a major concern since it posed a risk to the safety of the children, so the CKEF appealed to a number of national companies for funds to replace it.

It received assistance from DHL Ghana, Allied Oil, Data Bank, and most particularly, its key sponsor, Voltic Ghana.

According to Mr Obeng-Antwi, the construction of the classroom block fell directly in line with its vision to support literacy and improve infrastructure at the primary education level in rural disadvantaged communities.

He said the foundation’s involvement with the school started about three years ago, with the basic idea of getting more kids in the area to attend school, adding that last year, one of CKEF’s partner primary schools in West Yorkshire in the UK responded to its appeal and raised funds, which were used to construct a toilet for the school. 

He also said the foundation’s operating strategy was based on a careful and systematic selection process, which identified communities and key stakeholders within those communities who are determined to create better educational opportunities for their children, and keen to support the process.

“We found exactly this group of people at Kissi. Their practical support has not necessarily been manifested in providing funding, but by providing communal labour to undertake the work, and partnering us to support the project plan and development framework,” he said.

He described the opening ceremony as a celebration of a successful partnership among many groups, and a proof that ideas could be translated into reality to improve people’s lives on a sustainable basis, adding, “this is a genuine good news story and one which deserves telling to a national audience.” 

In a statement issued by CKEF, the foundation described primary education as a positive step to ensure the broad-based development of pupils, adding that that meant ensuring that all pupils were able to develop their cognitive, social, emotional, cultural and physical skills to the best of their abilities, preparing them for their further studies.

It said “CKEF believes that the government cannot do these tasks alone. Our objective is to harness the very real goodwill that exists within communities, and ensure that opportunities for growth in the next generation are not lost.” 

It expressed gratitude to their key sponsors and other philanthropists for their valued and generous support, and expressed the hope that the education offered at St Peters would continue to improve.


Source: Daily Graphic


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